My Beauty Favorites — Week of January 2-8, 2017, Neocutis Skincare

This week’s favorites post is a brand review of Neocutis skincare.  I received complimentary samples in exchange for my honest review.

Neocutis is an an innovative and patent-approved skincare brand has several products that are excellent during the harsh winter months to replenish sensitive skin.

The products below are so amazing in the cold weather and work well for my sensitive skin:

Neo•Cleanse: Gentle Skin Cleanser and Exfoliating Skin Cleanser ($38 USD) — Two clarifying cleansers rich in Glycerin to help counteract the drying effects of ordinary skin cleansing and thereby help limit signs of irritation. Topically applied Glycerin helps restore skin hydration to minimize dryness.

LUMIERE Bio-Restorative Eye Cream ($97 USD) —  An intensive, line smoothing eye cream which revitalizes and rejuvenates the delicate under eye area with Processed Skin Proteins and Hyaluronic Acid.

What I think:  The cleanser are both hydrating as wells and cleansing and exfoliating.  Can be used morning and night before treatments and moisturizers.

The eye cream is so hydrating!  I use it morning and night around my eye and have noticed lines reducing.  It also helps smooth the skin, even when my eyes are puffy.

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Micro•Firm Neck & Décolleté Rejuvenating Complex ($135) — A targeted cream that contains a concentrated blend of ingredients precisely formulated with antioxidants and moisturizers to combat visible signs of aging on the delicate skin of the neck & décolleté.

Micro•Night Riche Rejuvenating Balm ($130) — A replenishing balm to help refill moisture and recharge your skin while you sleep with essential nutrients, hydrating glycerin and moisturizing lipids.

What I think:  I use the neck complex at least once a day.  I have noticed firmer, smoother skin on my neck and chest.

I think the Rejuvenating Balm is my favorite of all of these.  My skin is so dry now and I use this every night over serum.  I wake up and my skin is soft and moisturized.  It also feels nice on the skin, not greasy. LOVE!

Have you tried Neocutis?  Leave a comment and let me know what you’ve tried!

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Get Your Skin Ready For Summer!

I love today’s skincare!  Innovative new products are always one-upping the last one and I have to admit, the winner is my skin!  I am getting in the upper 40’s and my skin is still smooth and fairly firm, and I don’t have wrinkles (yet).

Below are my current favorite skin care going into summer.  They include a nourishing essence, restoring eye gel patches, an SPF moisturizer that brightens my skin and a deep, skin-plumping moisturizer.

Lancome Énergie de Vie Pearly Lotion
Lancome Énergie de Vie Pearly Lotion

Lancôme Énergie de Vie Pearly Lotion ($56 6.7 fl. oz,   USD) — Pearly Lotion represents the refreshing step that revives skin in the morning. This surprising lotion is composed of a myriad of translucent and evanescent pearls of multiple sizes. On the skin, the nourishing feel of an oil is paired with the intense freshness of a water, for a splash of energy. Énergie de Vie captures a combination of two plant extracts – Lemon Balm and Goji Berry.

What I think: I have been using this in the morning after cleansing.  It smells and feels so refreshing on! It instantly sinks into my skin and moisturizes.  Some days, I use it instead of my morning serum.  This is especially nice in the summer when it is hot and I want to use less products.

Available exclusively at Sephora starting in July 2016.


Masque Bar Hydro Gel Eye Dark Spot Eye Patches
Masque Bar Hydro Gel Eye Dark Spot Eye Patches

Masque Bar Hydro Gel Eye Dark Spot Eye Patches ($29.99 for 30 pairs) — The beautifully gold toned masques come in 30 pairs, and are perfect to use daily for one transformational month or as needed to de-puff under-eyes and ease fine lines and dark circles. The lightweight serum infuses key ingredients into the delicate eye area without irradiation for under-eye skin that looks youthfully dewy and revitalized!

–          Gold: promotes anti-inflammatory and light-reflecting properties

–          Adenosine: effectively works to firm and smooth

–          Snail Extract: boosts and strengthens collagen with moisturizing powerhouses, hyaluronic acid and peptides

What I think: It is so important to treat under the eyes, because they can really show the age! These little gold patched are and instant refresher.  You can use all thirty pairs in one month or space them out.  I use them when I need to look like I’ve got more sleep than I have!  They smooth and brighten instantly.

Available for $29.99, at Ricky’s NYC stores and beginning this month, May 2016.

NEOCUTIS JOURNÉE Bio-Restorative Day Cream
NEOCUTIS JOURNÉE Bio-Restorative Day Cream

NEOCUTIS JOURNÉE Bio-Restorative Day Cream ($140 USD) — This includes SPF 30.  JOURNÉE is the only day cream that combines PSP technology with anti-oxidants and broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection to offer a complete one step, daily treatment that revitalizes, protects and hydrates skin. JOURNÉE is suitable for all skin types including sensitive and stressed skin and leaves skin radiant and luminous!

What I think: I’m always excited to try moisturizers with SPF that work with sensitive skin.  My skin is so easily irritated, especially by sunscreen.  This is very hydrating without turning my face red and bumpy!  My skin is smooth and moisturized after use, and I can easily apply my makeup.  Winning!

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MD Complete’s Radiance Renewing Deep Moisturizer
MD Complete’s Radiance Renewing Deep Moisturizer

MD Complete’s Radiance Renewing Deep Moisturizer ($39.99 1.7 fl. oz.) — Luxurious moisturizer that instantly & deeply hydrates. Brightens skin tone for a more radiant complexion. Plumps skin for smoother, more supple complexion. Nourishes and repairs skin, improving its ability to absorb active ingredients.

What I think:  This is a fabulous night cream.  It is so creamy, but not greasy at all, it sinks right into my skin.  I apply it after my serum at night and my skin is glowing in the morning!  My skin texture is also better with use, it is smoother.

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What’s your favorite skincare for summer?  Leave a comment and let me know, I would love to hear from you!