New Milani Eye Liners for Fall

Summer makeup is so easy. You don’t need a lot for a fresh look that is perfect for the season. But fall makeup is a different story.  When the weather turns cooler, and the fashions become more bold, the bright colors come out of the makeup cases and on to our faces!

Milani has introduced two new eye liners that are perfect for fall.  Eye Tech Liquid Eye Liner and Infinite Liquid Eye Liner offer bold lines and bright colors, and even though it is not quite fall yet,  I have already begun having fun experimenting with them.

Eye Tech Liquid Eye Liner ($6.99) puts the control in your hands.  This pen-style liner boasts a water-based formula that has a “flow thru system” and a felt-tip applicator for a steady line in one stroke.  It goes on incredibly smoothly and you can get more than one look from it. The first time I tried it I was going out with friends, so I did a thick cats-eye line on my top lashes. I have also drawn a very fine line at the base of my lashes to for a more natural look.  It is available in black, brown and charcoal.

Infinite Liquid Eye Liner ($5.99) is a long wearing liner that boasts a waterproof formula that lasts up to 24 hours.  This comes with a very thin brush that you dip into the product and apply. Once you apply it, you have just a few seconds until it dries to correct any mistakes, because it STAYS ON!!! My daughter applied the blue liner (Infinite) on her friend and it took a lot of makeup remover to get it off! You know that if you put this on in the morning it will stay on all day! It is available in 5 dramatic shades: Infinite (the metallic electric blue),  Endless (metallic purple), Eternal (golden green), Forever (golden bronze) and Everlast (black). My favorite is the Forever, it is so pretty and wearable for day.

Visit to learn more about these and all of their fab products!