Pureology Supreme Control Maximum Hold Zero Dulling Hairspray

Pureology Supreme Control Maximum Hold Zero Dulling Hairspray

It’s time to take control of your hair!  No longer must you hide your limp locks or frizzy flyaways with hats and scarves, because Pureology is introducing Supreme Control maximum hold zero dulling hairspray ($26, 11oz)!

Supreme Control fortifies your sometimes unpredictable hair with maximum hold and extra shine to keep your ponytails smooth, your braids tight, and your curls bouncy… all while keeping your hair sleek, shiny, and frizz-free.  Join us in discovering the newest addition to the Pureology Colour Stylist line of styling products, which will deliver the hold you want, and the protection and color fade prevention you deserve!

Like other Colour Stylist products, Supreme Control features Pureology’s exclusive Strengthening Anti Fade Complex® enhanced with Keravis protein to provide strength and protect colour from UV and free radical damage. Vegetable-based polymers provide caring hold that lasts. Unique reflective lipid extracts deliver maximum radiance and olive oil replenishes and nourishes to infuse hair with suppleness, while camelina extract forms a humidity-resistant barrier to help lock in the style.  Finally, coriander oil creates mirror surface shine for enhanced colour vibrancy.

What I think:  First of all, this hairspray smells amazing.  Which is unusual for hair spray as it usually has a chemical scent.

I have found that it has a fairly stiff hold, but it does not dull the hair.  This is perfect for every day use, and special occasions.

Visit www.pureology.com for a retail location near you!


MATRIX Total Results Amplify Proforma Hairspray Review

I have long, straight hair, but I have recently got a trim and added layers.  Even though I usually don’t use hairspray, I have been using MATRIX Total Results Amplify Proforma Hairspray ($15 USD) and I am seeing a difference in hold and volume.

The claim is that the spray will, “Attack fine hair with thinner diameter and lack of inner structure and give it totally voluminous results that last 24 hours. Performa Hairspray with 24HR Full Boost Technology boasts thermal protectants and gives a firm hold finish, with lasting lift and volume.”

What I think:  This spray does as it claims by giving volume.  I  spray at the roots and flip my hair over and spray again and my hair is full and swingy.  It also last for hours.

I also love how my hair is shiny after using this product.  It doesn’t dull my hair.

For a salon locator please log onto www.MATRIX.com.  Enjoy!