Glow On With beautyADDICTS

beautyADDICTS has a great system to give your face a glowing summer look without the glitter that is only age-appropriate for the very young.  Here is what they suggest:

First start with a bronzer that is a versatile shade and does not have an abundance of “shimmer”. Hydra SUNRays Bronzing Powder ($28.00 USD) provides buildable coverage in one flawless shade and is formulated with pure pearl powder to stimulate cell renewal. Packed with healthy ingredients such as green tea and Vitamins A, C, D and B5, it contains amino acids that help to exfoliate dead skin cells and bring forth a natural, fresh glow.  Apply HydraSUNRays Bronzing Powder to the cheeks, nose, forehead, ears and neck for an even look.

To complete your sun-kissed complexion you have to subtlely highlight those areas of the face that need a heathy “shine”. If you haven’t tried GlimmerSHEERS ($28.00 USD) then you have never experienced such a multipurpose product that leaves skin looking and feeling radiant and healthy. Each GlimmerSHEERS compact holds two unique formulas in complimentary shades. The Sheer formula is loaded with Jojoba Oil to fight wrinkles and hydrate and enhance glowing skin while the Glimmer formula contains Green Tea for ultimate anti-oxidant protection and stimulates collagen and elastin production for a sun-kissed, elegant sheen. 

Pro Tip: Apply HydraSUNRays Bronzing Powder and GlimmerSHEERS with a flawless makeup sponge like beautyblender.  Moisten your Beautyblender and apply product along the brow bone, cheekbone, décolleté or down the bridge of the nose for a contouring effect.

What I think:  This is the perfect easy summer duo. The matte bronzer is perfect for a natural looking summer glow or a great contour powder.  The S on top highlights and gives face even more dimension.  One color or texture (all matte, all glowy) can make the face appear one-dimensional.  This duo imparts the perfect, healthy look of the sun, without damaging the skin!  

BeautyADDICTS HydraSUNRays Bronzing Powder and GlimmerSHEERS retail for $28 each at a salon near you and is available online at