BoxyCharm Subscription Box Review — November 2019


Hey all! I recently received my November BoxyCharm! This month there was a change in the cost and value of the box.

I’ve been subscribed to BoxyCharm for over two years now and really enjoy it. BoxyCharm is now $25 a month plus tax for 5 full-sized beauty items. The value is going to be at least $125 each month.

I’m now only getting this box, BoxyLuxe four times a year and the new BoxyCharm Premium (see my first review here).  I have cancelled my Ipsy Ultimate. I’m not very interested in Ipsy at the moment, but I think BoxyCharm is doing such a great job with their boxes.

My version is 15. This month I received:


The value of my box this month is $192. That’s a great value for spending $25


I was pretty happy to see this in the box.  I have been wanting to try the Dominique Cosmetics eye shadow formula.  I have tried a lip gloss from the brand and really love it.  The only thin is these colors are so dramatic.  I’m trying to decide if I should keep it to try the formula or pass it on to someone else.  If I do keep it, I can pair some of the shades with a more neutral palette.

IMG-1962 I have tried self-warming eye masks before, but not this brand.  I will give them a try, or I might gift them.


I am very excited to try the Farsali mist.  I have been wanting to try this brand, and it’s so exciting that I received it in my BoxyCharm.  It might be my favorite item in the box this month!

The Dose of Colors lipstick is in the shade Date Night.  I already receive a red DOC lipstick from BoxyCharm earlier this year, and I don’t wear red lipstick.  I was really hoping I would get one I could wear because I like the formula.  I will be gifting this.

The Kypris serum is very fancy.  It’s so expensive!  I’ve heard that it has organic ingredients that once you open, you need to use it in 6 months so it won’t go bad.  So I’m going to wait until I’m out of current hydrating serum then I am going to use it.


This Pretty Vulgar concealer blister pack is for me to test out. Then I’ll take a quiz on BoxyCharm’s website to let them know what my shade is.  That way, they can send foundations and concealers in the future.  That’s very exciting!

I’m really happy with my box this month!  I am most excited about the Farsali mist, the Kypris Serum and the Dominique Cosmetics palette (if I decide to keep it).  I will gift the lipstick and maybe the eye masks.

I am so excited for my December BoxyLuxe and BoxyCharm Premium boxes!


Do you get any BoxyCharm boxes?  What did you get this month?

4 thoughts on “BoxyCharm Subscription Box Review — November 2019”

  1. I recently reactivated my Boxycharm (the regular subscription) and got similar stuff, but I was also not blown away by what I received. The Dominique eyeshadow palette is pretty,, but limited as far as wearing it to office or to a day function. I did receive the BoxyCharm brush set, which was a nice surprise, and got a day and night version of the face mask. I didn’t get the Farsali – was that an add-on? I did receive the Bite Beauty eye thing that costs 50 dollars by itself — and that was a bit of a mindblowing thing. Because to spend 50 dollars on something to help with fine lines and undereyes — this thing better be a miracle worker or clean my house too. I dunno, I wasn’t that blown away by what I received. I am currently on the three month plan, so the price went from like 50 to 70 dollars, so for the twenty dollar jump I was expecting…well…more. And BoxyCharm doesn’t offer or give you an extra gift for reactivating as they do for first time subscribers. I think they should.

    1. I agree. I gifted the eyeshadow palette (I have enough). I wanted to try the Dominique Cosmetics formula, but I didn’t care for the shades. I received the Farsali, because I was also getting Premium and I think they didn’t want to give those who were getting Premium a duplicate of what came in the regular box. I think I got it instead of the brushes.

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