Brand Review — Higher Education Skincare

Hi all! We have made it through the first week of 2019.  Yay us!

I was recently sent products from Higher Education Skincare for my honest review. This brand was developed specifically for the Gen Z and Millennial audiences as a clean, cruelty free, education-centric line with high quality, dermatologist-approved products.
Each product aligns with one of the core essential skincare categories: cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, treat or protect and when used daily help correct a variety of skin conditions such as acne, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, sun damage, dryness and sensitivity.
Although I am more Gen X, I enjoyed trying these out and think it’s so important for younger people to start their skin routine early!
pre-req invigorating foaming cleanser
PRE-REQ Invigorating Foaming Cleanser

PRE-REQ Invigorating Foaming Cleanser ($19 USD) — Delivers an invigorating gentle foaming cleanser for normal to oily and combination skin that cleans impurities and removes excess oil while removing all traces of makeup. Exfoliates without stripping the skin of essential moisture. Tea Tree Oil provides benefits for skin that is prone to breakouts. Skin feels clean and refreshed.

What I think: I have combination skin that’s a bit sensitive, and this is very gentle on my skin.  It foams up nicely and has a fresh scent.  I notice after I wash my skin, it’s clean, but not dry or tight.  That’s really important for all skin types (and ages).

easy a gentle resurfacing pads
EASY A Gentle Resurfacing Pads

EASY A Gentle Resurfacing Pads ($24 USD) — Exfoliating pads help remove dead skin cells, replenish moisture, and visibly minimize pore size. Skin looks vibrant, smooth, and refreshed. Skin never feels dehydrated.

What I think: I am a huge fan of exfoliating pads.  And I do really love these! You can use them day and night, but since I have sensitive skin I use them once a day or every other day and they don’t irritate my skin. I use these after cleansing and I notice my skin is so smooth and soft.

spring break oil-free broad-spectrum sunscreen spf 30
SPRING BREAK Oil-Free Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30

SPRING BREAK Oil-Free Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30 ($25 USD) — This oil-free sunscreen with sheer solar protection defends against prolonged skin damage from UV light and environmental assaults that cause skin to age faster. Microfine zinc offers broad spectrum physical sunscreen protection from both UVA (the aging rays) and UVB (the burning rays) and leaves the skin feeling silky soft. Contains aloe vera and super antioxidants to help soothe and balance the skin. Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), fragrance-free, and safe for sensitive skin.

Make sure to apply a generous amount of sunscreen to your face, and other exposed area. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, wait at least 15 minutes for your sunscreen to properly absorb into your skin. After that, you can go ahead and put on makeup.

What I think: When I first squeezed this out of the tube, I noticed how thick it is.  It does absorb pretty well and makeup goes over it nicely.  I think a thicker primer would be too heavy with it, but maybe a light or glowy primer would work.  I use this almost as a primer and it works well.  My skin is very hydrated with it on.


double major moisture relief gel
DOUBLE MAJOR Moisture Relief Gel

DOUBLE MAJOR Moisture Relief Gel ($28 USD) — This double duty lightweight, oil free hydra gel, for all skin types, helps strengthen skin’s own natural moisture balance using lush humectants and super moisture binding skin replenishers for all-day comfort, radiance, and hydration. Skin soothing ginger extract, sea kelp and vitamins help to visibly improve the appearance of dryness, dullness, and uneven texture, leaving skin feeling silky soft and smooth.

What I think: This is a very light moisturizer.  It sinks right into the skin, but hydrates really well.  It has a light, fresh scent.  This is nice in the morning before SPF and makeup.  It hydrates without adding weight to the skin.

You can purchase all of these and more at

Have you tried any Higher Education Skincare?  What do you think?


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