Ricky’s Cult Crushes May 2018


This is my first Ricky’s Cult Crushes subscription box.  I was on the waiting list for a couple of months, so I was excited to receive the May box!  It is currently $11 a month and will increase to $14 in June.  You can sign up for the waiting list for the June box at Ricky’s NYC Cult Crushes.

I keep getting updates about shipping from them and saying that they don’t have the Bioderma micellar water to ship out, but I got mine last week.

Here’s what was it the May box:



This is my favortie Micellar water.  It cleans really well and leaves skin hydrated, but not greasy (Garnier, I’m looking at you!).  This size will be nice to take on vacation.


I haven’t tried this before, but I will use it.  It smells like soap, a very clean sent of course.  I have some clothes that I need to get stains out of, so I will be trying it soon.


Next up is a liquid highlighter by JCat.  The shades vary in the box, and I got Crystal Sand. Here’s a swatch of it first applied, then blended:


It’s pretty, but I probably won’t wear it.  It has an oily feel to it and it doesn’t teally dry down.  I think the best use would be on the body.  I’ll probably give it to my daughter.  I think she will enjoy it.


Now I have been using this since I got the box! It’s a balm with papaya and other ingredients.  It smells like strawberries and feels so hydrating on the lips.  I go through balms quickly all through the year, but even more so in the summer. And this has a lot in it.  Plus the tube is really cute. It’s a win win for me!


This little brush set is really cute.  It’s perfect for traveling.  The brush heads are big enough to be used for contour and highlight if needed.  They are soft and densely packed.  I don’t know if I will keep them or pass them on in a gift.  We’ll see.

So this was a decent first box for me from Ricky’s Cult Crushes.  There’s no real wow product, but I do like the pure paw paw and the micellar water.  I think I will try one more month to see if I keep the subscription.

Are you subscribed to Ricky’s Cult Crushes?  What do you think of the subscription?  Have you got yours yet this month?

4 thoughts on “Ricky’s Cult Crushes May 2018”

  1. I love the Bioderma. I recently finished up a full size of the one for oily/combo skin. FYI Garnier makes one now for oily skin. I like it a lot. I found only the one with the blue cap left behind any residue. The pink & green cap ones do not.

      1. The blue cap one is formulated for waterproof makeup so it leaves a residue. The pink & green cap ones remove waterproof makeup just fine but don’t leave a residue.

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