Treat Yourself With New Skincare This Spring!

It has been spring for a while, even though it’s still cold in many parts of the country!  I tend to wear less makeup in the spring and summer months, so I like my skin to look it’s best.

Here are the latest skincare (and a natural deodorant) that I have been loving).  They were sent to me for my honest review:

Image Skincare VITAL C hydrating facial cleanser
Image Skincare VITAL C Hydrating Facial Cleanser

Image Skincare VITAL C Hydrating Facial Cleanser ($29 USD) — This creamy cleanser emulsifies makeup and gently removes impurities while nourishing skin with essential antioxidants and vitamins. It infuses skin with high levels of antioxidant vitamin C to brighten as it cleanses. This really gets rid of all of my makeup, which I love.  Plus, it leaves my skin soft, not dry.

Purchase at

Pixi Beauty Jasmine Oil Blend ($24 USD) — This exquisite oil blend is especially effective in helping skin recover from loss of moisture and dullness. It helps repair damage as well as calm and restore stressed and unbalanced skin. It smells just like fresh jasmine and is super hydrating.  I like to use this at night.  It’s also nice to add a drop or two in the bath!

Pixi Beauty T-Zone Peel Off Mask ($22 USD) — Detoxifying peel-off mask draws out impurities and lifts away oil to reveal immediate results. It contains a unique green super food blend that includes avocado, cucumber, aloe, green tea and bamboo extract to help firm & refine. It really takes all of the gunk out of my pores and makes them appear smaller.

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LAVANILA Healthy Deodorant Elements Collection

Our armpits need care too!! Experience the brand NEW Lavanila Elements Collection, with three bold new scents: Vanilla + Air for Creativity, Vanilla + Water for Peace, and Vanilla + Earth for Balance. The Elements Collection uses specially curated blends of essential oils to awaken our connection to the Elements and the immense power within them.

I have the Vanilla + Water one.  It’s really fresh smelling and is great for days that I work from home or hang around the house.  If I’m going to work out, I need a stronger deodorant.  I love this for taking a break from my stronger deodorant.

Available at

What skincare are you loving?

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