LUSH Easter Bath Products Review


Happy Easter!  My daughter and I went to LUSH last weekend and picked up a few new bath products.  We got a couple of Easter bath bombs and some of their new bath oils.

Free Rangers – Purple ($9.95 USD) — This is a huge bath bomb that splits into two halves and we used it for two baths (my daughter took the head)! It has bergamot oil and blackcurrant absolute perfume. You can also get this in orange and blue. This is a very frothy bath bomb! It turned the water bright pink and left my skin so soft!

Golden Egg ($7.95 USD) — This is so glittery!  Bergamot and sweet, wild orange oils help to tone and brighten the skin.  This is more of a bath melt than a bomb.  It released a lot of glitter at first, then just kind of floated. It did fizz a little and it smelled really good.  But if you are looking for a super fizzy bomb, this is not it. LUSH has a lot of amazing bath bombs, though.

Delight ($6.95 USD) — The bath oils slowly melt into the water and leave skin very soft.  This one is silver and blue and includes organic jojoba oil and fair trade organic shea butter.

Happy Thoughts ($5.95 USD) — This peachy-orange oil softens my skin with cocoa and shea butters. Also contains Himalayan rock, Brazilian orange oil and neroli oil tones.

Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment ($5.95 USD) — Fair trade cocoa butter and coconut oil are in this slowly melting oil.  It is two-toned vivid pink and golden yellow and smells like cotton candy.

The Easter products are still available to purchase at  Have you tried any of these or the bath oils?

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