Karity 15 Nudes & Rudes Palette


I received a Karity 15 Nudes & Rudes palette in the mail a couple of months ago.  I’m thinking that it was for my honest review, but I don’t know who sent it!

I am so happy that I received it, though!  The eye shadows are creamy and very well pigmented.  The palette is $25.  Which is pretty affordable for the quality.   I also received a Travel Chamber, which is like a Z-palette and holds 9 eye shadows.  And I received a colorful selection of single shadows.  I will be reviewing that next week.  I haven’t put it together yet, but I am looking forward to playing with it!


This Nudes & Rudes palette consists of 15 highly pigmented shades in 6 finishes: 5 frost, 3 satin, 2 matte, 2 velvet, 2 metals, 1 duochrome  (Pixiedust on the bottom). It is cruelty free, vegan and paraben free.  There is also a 9 shade and a 21 shade Nudes & Rudes.
Every Nudes & Rudes palette has its own unique colors which just makes me want all of them!
This comes with a mirror, which makes me very happy!


These are creamy shadows, especially the more shimmery shades.  Here are my swatches:
IMG_0108 From left to right — In the nude, Tiffanie, Tongue Tied, Butterscotch and Princess.
IMG_0118 Moonlight, Good Witch, Sunkissed, Decadence, Centaur
Newborn, Pixiedust, Rockstar, Persephone, Dark Side.
I’m always more of a fan of the shimmery shades than mattes, but I do like to use mattes in my crease and sometimes on my lid. My favorites are probably Tiffanie, Good Witch and Pixiedust. In the nude is a great base shade and Moonlight is a gorgeous highlight.  The other shades add a really nice depth to whatever look I’m going for.
I was really impressed with this palette.  It may be nudes, but they are not safe or boring.  I guess that’s where the rudes come in!
Have you tried anything from Karity?

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