Join The Body Shop in Ending Animal Testing In Cosmetics!

On June 1st, The Body Shop with campaign partner, Cruelty Free International, the leading non-profit organization working to end animal testing, announced an ambitious goal to collect 8 million signatures from people all over the world by 2020 which will allow them to take their petition to the UN to request an international convention that bans animal testing globally – for good, everywhere and forever.

The Body Shop started this fight, now we can help them finish it!

Sign the petition here:, or go into any of The Body Shop’s 3,000 stores to sign, then share the hashtag, and spread the word. #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting @TheBodyShop

I signed the petition online, and it was easy to do.  I think this is so important, as we can still enjoy wonderful beauty products without animals being harmed!

Here is more information about cosmetic animal testing:

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