Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Sonic Pulse Battery Toothbrush

Arm &; Hammer Spinbrush Sonic Pulse Battery Toothbrush

I was luck enough to be sent a Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Sonic Pulse Battery Toothbrush for my honest review.  I have been testing it for about a week now. Here’s the info on it:

ARM & HAMMER Spinbrush™ Sonic Pulse battery-powered toothbrush delivers sonic pulsing action that gently removes 2X more plaque in hard to reach areas. The extra slim handle design fits easily into your hand, and has the power of a battery toothbrush with the same control as a Manual brush.

  • Removes 2X more plaque in many of the hardest to reach areas*
  • Extra slim handle design that fits easily into your hand
  • Sonic pulsing action
  • Replaceable head and battery included
  • Available with Soft bristles

Learn More About Spinbrush™ Battery Powered Toothbrush And Your Oral Health!

What I think:  I have been using a manual toothbrush, so I was so happy to try this vibrating toothbrush. It’s very easy to use — it has a button touch.  It is a portable size, and is perfect to take on vacation.  And it cleans my teeth so much better than a manual toothbrush! I find that it removes my plaque and leaves my teeth smooth and clean.

This can be purchased at mass market retailers near you.



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