Get Hair Ready For Spring!

As it gets warmer in Kansas City, I know that with the heat comes the frizz — my poor hair!

So I have started to think about using more products and hair care to keep my hair hydrated, soft and smooth.  Here are my current faves:

Topganic Leave On Silk Serum
Topganic Leave On Silk Serum

Topganic Leave On Silk Serum ($13 USD) — Sodium chloride free, Paraben-free, SLE and SLES free anti frizz and nutritious oil for dry and ultra dry hair.  It is perfect for hair that has undergone any type of chemical treatment including straightening and curling.  The active ingredients captured inside this bottle, deliver healthier, silkier and extraordinarily shiny hair.

This flawless recipe is enriched with Brazil nuts, which are known as one of nature’s best sources of selenium, an important mineral for healthy scalp appearance. Brazil nuts are also brimming with alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid that helps condition your hair.  It is also considered a terrific source of zinc which a deficiency of, may lead to hair shedding.

What I think:  This serum has the consitency of an oil, so a little goes a long way.  I apply a little to wet hair, and it dries soft and smooth.  It is also wonderful for mid-day frizzies.  Plus, I love the scent of this serum — it’s nutty and sweet!

Purchase at

African Shea Butter Gentle & Conditioning Shampoo ($27 USD, 7.4 fl. oz.) — Mild cleanser drenches strands in light-weight moisture, protecting color and taking hair to a whole new level of softness and shine. Active botanical agents (African Shea Butter, Hops, Nettle and Comfrey) condition and silkify without weighing hair down.

Lovin’ Leave-in Conditioner ($24 USD, 6 fl. oz.) — A light moisturizing styling crème that keeps everything nicely defined, gets rid of flyaways and gives hair a soft gleam. Ideal for all hair types.

pH Restorative Detangling Toning Mist ($24 USD, 4.23 fl. oz.) — Weightless, daily detangling mist leaves hair glossy and frizz-free. Perfect for all hair types. Water-light leave-in toner adjusts the pH of tap water to seal the cuticle of your hair, for a remarkably smooth, shiny finish. Boosts manageability and shine with Apple Cider Vinegar, a natural astringent and pH balancer.

What I think:  I love the shampoo for my colored treated hair.  It is so gentle but cleans very well.  The leave in conditioner smells so nice!  It is easy to use, just apply a small amount to cleansed hair, and either air or blow dry.  The toning mist leaves my hair smooth and shiny, but I am not much of a fan of the vinegar smell.  It does go away after awhile.  Yay!  I really love that it seals my hair cuticle to keep the frizz away.

LA Looks Nutra Curl
LA Looks Nutra Curl

LA Looks Nutra Curl (Aprox. $9.99 USD) — Love the curly, wavy look but hate it when you lose shape and definition? Get your hair ready for long lasting, frizz-free curls. Infused with Avocado Oil to naturally moisturize dry or damaged hair. Level 8 Hold.

  • Moisturizes dry or damaged hair
  • Provides defined, frizz-free curls
  • Safe for color-treated hair

What I think:  I have wavy hair and this product defines my waves and makes them more curly!  I apply on damp hair and either air dry, or dry on a low heat with my hair dryer.  My hair is curly and shiny!  It also gets rid of the frizz.  Love!


What hair products are you loving?  Anything that will keep the frizz away?  leave a comment and let me know!


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