New Yes To Skincare — Yes To Coconut Ultra Hydrating and Yes To Natural Man

Have you tried Yes to products before?  I have been with them from the beginning with Yes to Carrots, and I love to try any new products they introduce!

Two of their new collections are the Yes To Coconut Ultra Hydrating skincare and Yes To Natural Man.  I was sent some products from these lines to try for my (and my husband’s) honest review.

Here are our favorites:

Yes To Coconut Ultra Hydrating Melting Cleanser ULTA Exclusive ($9.99 USD) —  This dual-texture cleanser can be mixed with water for a creamy cleansing experience or slathered directly onto skin (sans water!) for a luxurious, balm-like feel. Either way, it’ll melt right in, dissolving dirt and makeup and hydrating with virgin coconut oil and moringa seed oil… then effortlessly rinse right off.

Yes To Coconut Ultra Hydrating Facial Mask ($15.99 USD) — Get ready for some rest and re-hydration! (Some relaxation, too!) Perfect for those with very dry skin, this indulgent 10-minute mask gives you an extra dose of moisture and TLC with a decadent blend of deeply hydrating virgin coconut and avocado oils and detoxifying natural clay.

Yes To Coconut Ultra Hydrating Overnight Creme ULTA Exclusive ($14.99 USD) — Tired of dry skin? Smooth on this luxuriously hydrating night cream and sleep it off! It’s formulated with virgin coconut and avocado oils, plus antioxidant-rich cocoa seed butter, to give parched (and even cracked!) skin a major moisture surge and strengthen your complexion’s protective barrier.

What I think: Is your skin parched? Use this trio, then go to sleep.  You will wake up with very soft skin!  I LOVE the melting cleanser.  I like to apply it dry to my skin, rub it in, then remove it (and my makeup) with a damp cloth.  My skin is clean and so soft!  I love a moisturizing mask because they can calm my redness, this one is no exception.  I applied it, left it on for 10 minutes, and my skin was smooth.

The moisturizer is a drink of water for dry skin.  It instantly softens and hydrates.  I love that it works overnight to deliver moisture by morning. There are other products in the collection, so check them out!

Yes To Natural Man Shaving Cream ($8.99 USD) — “Razor” your hand if you dread shaving…then use it to grab yourself a bottle of this amazing shaving cream. Its game-changing formulation contains calming aloe and protective vitamin E for maximum comfort and super-close results.

Yes To Natural Man Daily Face Scrub ($8.99 USD) — Check those rough cheeks at the door with this super effective face scrub. It’s formulated with a unique blend of soothing aloe, oat oil and exfoliating apricot seeds (environmentally friendly exfoliation, that’s how we roll!) to give your face a soft, even finish.

Yes To Natural Man Charcoal Bar Soap ($4.99 USD) — This charcoal bar soap (the first ever made for men, we might add!) goes to town on sweat, dirt and other manly impurities, leaving skin fully refreshed and smelling extra attractive. Made with aloe, citrus and activated charcoal (a magnet for the gunk and grime that get stuck in pores), this 98% natural soap makes “hitting the bar” daily a good thing.

What my husband thinks:  My husband loved these products.  They smell fresh and masculine.  He doesn’t use a lot of skincare, but he really liked the scrub.  It got rid of the dry skin and made his face soft.  The soap he used in the shower and liked how clean it left his skin.

He also liked the shaving cream.  He is used to shaving cream that foams, but he said that this worked just as well and that he got a smooth shave.

Learn more about these at, Target and and Ulta stored.

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