Milani Cosmetics — New Products For 2016

Milani Cosmetics is an affordable drugstore brand that has very high quality, fun products!  I was lucky to receive some of their recent releases for my honest review:

Moisture Lock Oil Infused Lip Treatment ($7.99 USD) — Give dry and cracked lips a kiss goodbye with super-hydrating Moisture Lock Oil Infused Lip Treatments. These luxurious oils glide on without feeling tacky or greasy, allowing you to sip, smooch and smile without having to wipe off! Formulated with Jojoba, Avocado and Tsubaki Oil, each treatment has its own additional benefits to keep lips nourished all year round. Indulge in the lip-loving feel and addictive scent of Milani’s new lip oils.

I LOVE these lip oils!  They are my new favorite lip product!  They are as moisturizing as a lip balm, but give a little shine.  I like a natural lip and this is perfect for day time looks.  Plus it treats as you wear it!  It is available in 8 different oils and I want all of them. My current favorites are the Revitalizing Grapefruit and the Moisturizing Almond Coco, but all of the ones I have tried taste, smell and especially fell amazing!

Everyday Eyes Eye Shadow ($9.99 USD) — This visually impactful collection is perfect for a non-intimidating impulse buy. Each palette consists of expertly color coordinated shades that work well together when applied step-by-step, and in any color combination. Included in each palette is a professional, dual-ended brush that blends, defines and applies easily. An easy ‘How To’ guide is included so that you can master any eye look.

I have this in Earthly Elements that are a mix of matte and shimmery earth tones, including a surprising matte reddish orange, that I really love!  They are well pigmented and I can do a smoky eye or a natural day look with them.  I am excited to try other palettes as well-especially the plum one!

Big & Bigger Lashes ($7.99 USD) — Get larger than life lashes that won’t smudge or flake with this maximum volume mascara that builds intense volume in just one application. This mascara’s creamy texture and lash conditioning ingredients make it easy to enhance eyes while leaving your lashes soft and lush. The custom designed sculpting brush has a flat reservoir side that deposits mascara directly to lashes and a comb on either side that distributes mascara evenly from base to tip, separating lashes. The bristles on the top of the brush catch hard-to-reach lashes in the corner of the eyes and can be applied to bottom lashes for extra va-voom!

If huge lashes are for you, try this mascara! It takes a bit of practice to perfect the technique with the brush, but once I did, I got length (which I need) with the volume.

Milani has also released new brow products, a matte lip crème, a combo foundation and concealer and more.  Check all of their new products out at CVS Stores nationwide and

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