Back To School Beauty Helpers From Phuse!

Are your kids, young adults or even you going back to school soon? Mine did last week, and they are liking it, but are sad that summer is over.

New clothes and school supplies help to cure the back to school blues, but new beauty products can help, too!

Phuse beauty has great beauty tools, hair styling tools and implements that will help the transition to school and the cooler weather that much easier!

Phuse Hair Tin ($10 USD) –Bad hair happens. Fix it with our Your Hair is Your Best Accessory Kit. 25 hair changing items that take you from eww to phew! All accessories are packed in a convenient tin that can easily be stored in the car, purse, gym bag, locker, overnight tote, lunch box, we could go on, but we’ll let you put it where you may.

  • 25 Hair Accessories
  • 1 Soft Headband (black)
  • 20 Bobby Pins (10 black/10 brown)
  • 4 Soft-ties (2 black, 1 silver, 1 gold)

Phuse Tweezers

Phuse Trim It ($33.95 USD) — Reallly? A hair there? Get rid of it—PLUCK IT! The Phuse™ Pluck It tweezers are ideal for removing unwanted, pesky hairs (even ingrown ones—yuck!), splinters and dare we say, blackheads (you are welcome). Constructed from professional German stainless steel, these tweezers can be cleaned and sterilized without rusting or residue, again you are welcome.

Phuse Trim It
Phuse Trim It

Phuse Trim It ($28 USD) — Snagging, nagging hangnails and overgrown cuticles? Trim It! The Phuse™ Trim It cuticle nippers are equipped with a heavy-duty box joint, double spring tension and ultra-sharp tip closure that trim with professional preciseness. Constructed from professional Japanese stainless steel, the Trim It cuticle nippers can be cleaned and sanitized with our rusting, so start trimming.


Phuse Lets Work it Out - Detangling Comb
Phuse Lets Work it Out – Detangling Comb

Phuse Lets Work it Out Detangling Comb ($7 USD) — This comb is all about getting your hair in tip-top shape. Separating, without tearing or combing out body—this So Smooth Comb really gives your hair a conditioning work out, of course without the sweat.

The Phuse So Smooth combs have been infused with: Argan oil—it’s all about hydrating and repairing damaged hair. Olive oil—shine, shine shine! That’s what the double OO’s will do for your hair. Keratin protein—feed me. Food for your hair, that helps manage and strengthen it—yum.

What I think:  All of these products are fantastic!  I gave the hair kit to my daughter to keep in her bag for hair emergencies along with the awesome comb — it detangles and adds shine!  The tweezers work so well, they have a great point and grab fine hairs well.  I do my own manicures, so the trimmers have come in handy!

Learn more and purchase at

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