Looking For A Fresh Makeup Look? Try The Fresh New NARS Spring 2015 Color Collection

NARS Spring 2015

I just received photos of NARS new Spring 2015 collection — and I was very surprised! The collection is light and fresh, and I am really liking it!

While NARS is known for daring color, this collection shows a different side of the brand’s ethos. As François explains, “I think a woman can look very beautiful not wearing any color at all but just neutral shades of beiges, browns, and ivories. You can really sculpt the face in a very beautiful way without always having to use bold shades. That’s what this collection is all about. I thought it was very fresh and surprising, which is what I always love to do: surprise people.”

Disrobed tones in spectral effects expose a new natural state. The fresh Spring look begins with a provocative pink shimmer on cheeks. The barely-there effect extends to eyes, where a bold beige base sets the stage for burnished neutrals with lucid depth. Lips are undone in tan pigments topped with a whisper of opalescent gloss.

The new products are:

Porto Venere Eye Paint$25 Soft pale pink                                                     Reckless Blush$30 Sheer pink shimmer                                                         Valhalla Single Eyeshadow$25 Soft shimmering pink peach                              Liguria Lipstick, $26 Nude caramel                                                   StPaulDeVence Duo Eyeshadow$35 (L) Shimmering nectarine (R) Chestnut Guyane Lip Gloss$26 Seashell pink                                                                   Vent Salé Lip Gloss $26 Silver highlight

Available: January 15, 2015 at NARS boutiques and narscosmetics.com February 1, 2015 at Sephora and Department/Specialty Stores

Are you loving these new colors, too?  I LOVE the pale pink Eye Paint and the Valhalla eye shadow.  Leave a comment and let me know if you love NARS and are picking up some of the new products.


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