New Fragrance Collection — Robin McGraw Georgia



New fragrance alert! Stake your claim in the timeless spirit of femininity. Inspired by the spirit, love and strength of her mother, Robin’s combination of evocative scents is the perfect underpinning to your own unique womanliness. Spritely floral top notes rise above lingeringly sophisticated middle notes, all tenderly underlined by base notes of a deep sensuality.  Imbue yourself with inspiration — wear to declare.

The notes are:

Top notes — bergamot, pink freesia and water lotus

Middle notes — whimsical orchid, feminine rose and tea leaf

Base Notes — patchouli, soothing amber and coral musk

Alongside the eau de parfum, the Georgia by Robin McGraw collection includes a scented hydrating body butter ($30/8 fl oz), foaming shower gel ($28/8 fl oz) and moisturizing hand cream ($18/3 fl oz).

What I think:  This is such an interesting scent.  It starts sweet and light, then the spicy base notes hit you and linger.  I think it’s sexy and romantic. This scent will be perfect for the upcoming cold winter months.

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One thought on “New Fragrance Collection — Robin McGraw Georgia

  1. I was hesitant about buying this fragrance with out smelling it first but I knew if this was promoted by Robin it was good. Well guess what, she is right on it. Just got it and the fragrance is truly intoxicating. I’m going to place an order for two more for my daughters for Christmas. Trust me you will not be sorry.

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