Need a New Self-Tanner — Check Out QVC’s Tarte Today’s Special Value


tarte’s QVC one-day only collection of self-tanning essentials (perfect for when the beach is out of reach) is available TODAY ! This exclusive collection is available on QVC and  The price is $49.98 or two easy payments of $24.99 plus tax and shipping.

Included in the collection:

  • 12 oz. skin rejuvenating Brazilliance™ maracuja self-tanner
  • Application mitt
  • NEW! Brazilliance™ skin rejuvenating maracuja self-tanning facial towelettes

This is a HUGE size! I have tried it before and really love the natural color it gives.  It looks like you’ve been out in the sun and got a very even tan.  I have used the mitt and love the coverage you get with it without the mess.  The self-tanner is tinted so you can make sure that you get and even application and it is good for you skin.  It is infused with Maracuja oil.  I haven’t tried  the face towelettes but I will this weekend as I am doing a self-tanning post next week and I will let you know how they work.

I recommend this product and think you won’t get a better value.  Enjoy!

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