Fun Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea — Dress as Flo!


For the last few years, Flo, the perky Progressive Insurance clerk has been one of the most popular homemade Halloween costumes. This year, fans can replicate America’s favorite commercial character with her  Official Progressive Flo Costume on for $39.99, which includes:

–          Flo’s white embroidered Progressive apron

–          I ♥ Insurance button

–          Official “Flo” tricked-out name tag

–          Flo style wig

–          Satin blue headband

–          Progressive Insurance “prop” box

You can also make a DIY costume by checking out the website at

Here are some accessories that you can use to achieve the look:

·         Perky wig or hairstyle

·         Navy headband

·         MAC Lady Bug lipstick

·         White polo shirt

·         I ♥ Insurance button

·         Tricked-out name tag

·         Watch with thin brown band

·         White apron with Progressive logo

·         White pants

·         Navy Chuck Taylor All Star shoes

To help wannabe Flos emulate that perfect hair, makeup, and spunky style, check out this video by celebrity make-up artist and YouTube superstar, Kandee Johnson. If you’d like to take your Flo to the next level, celeb makeup artist Promise Phan has provided a video tutorial on creating a Zombie, Unicorn, and Alien Flo.

I received a sample of the costume for my honest opinion, and it’s really cute!  The wig is a little crazy, so I would use my own hair, it’s a lot like Flo’s.   But the headband, apron and pins are very fun!  Great costume idea!

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

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