New Products to Prepare Hair for Fall


Kanebo Sensai Collection Sensai Volumizing Shampoo
Kanebo Sensai Collection Sensai Volumizing Shampoo
Sensai by Kanebo is known for bringing the most innovative Japanese technology to skincare. However, the luxury specialists also offer superb-quality hair care as well.

Sensai Moisturizing Shampoo ($30): A nourishing formula featuring ginseng extract which grants moisture to dry hair for a smooth, rich finish. Recommended for hair that lacks volume, this fortifying formula features soybean extract to nourish and volumize each strand for a thick, luxurious finish.

  • Soybean extract nourishes and fortifies each strand, building volume and achieving a thick, luxurious finish.
  • Rich foam provides a smooth and satisfying treatment experience.
  • Elegant, fresh floral fragrance.

What I think — This luxury shampoo smells fantastic and works great on my summer-dried hair.

Sensai products may be purchased at and

From The Lab Hair Mask No. 718
From The Lab Hair Mask No. 718

While summer is becoming a distant memory, the damage that the sun and chlorine caused to your beautiful locks remains a harsh reality.  This fall, feed your hair with an exclusive Hair Mask from the innovative beauty company, From the Lab.  From the Lab’s Hair Mask No. 718 contains stem cells from the rare Uttwiler Spatlauber apple, never before used in the USA and known for its longevity and ability to prevent hair’s signs of aging. The Hair Mask No. 718 also contains a unique blend of Argan, Avocado, Jojoba, and Brazil Nut Oil. These ingredients have all stood on their own, but combining them together creates something special for your hair – a moisture and softness that surpasses any other hair treatment! You’d only feed your body the best nutrients possible, so why not do the same for your hair?

What I think:  I love this mask!  Apply it to dry hair 10-30 minutes before washing your hair.  Leaves it so soft.  Also, From the Lab is a subscription service.  For $19.95 a month, they work with the best cosmetic labs in the world to create the most advanced and high-end skin care, hair care and color cosmetic products. Up to 18-months before these products hit retail, members receive full-sized samples of one, two or three products the first week of every month, and can continue buying the products they love through the online store.



With the summer weather (and summer hours!) officially a thing of the past, we understand how hard waking up in the mornings can be. Nexxus is here to remind you that running late doesn’t mean that there isn’t time to create wow-worthy hair!

Option 1: Refresh Yesterday’s Look

Technique: Get some mileage out of yesterday’s masterpiece with the Nexxus Youth Renewal™ Rejuvenating Dry Shampoo ($17.99). First spray onto the roots, then rub into scalp and gently brush out. This lightweight formula absorbs excess oil without leaving behind that pesky residue.

Option 2: Banish Bed Head

Technique: Tossing and turning against a pillow can make hair look frizzy and frazzled. Try applying a dime-sized amount of the Nexxus ProMend Split End Binding Smoothing Shine Serum ($11.99) to the ends of hair to add shine and smooth fly-aways.

What I think:  The dry shampoo is so good.  I cleaned the house all morning with my hair in a ponytail and I am about to go to the movies, so I used the shampoo to refresh my hair and it looks and smells great!  And hair oil is always a great product to have to help frizzy hair look shiny again.

Available at mass market retailers near you.  Learn more at

New York Streets Volume Foam
New York Streets Volume Foam

New York Streets Volume Foam ($21 USD) — 1 or 2 pumps is all you need. Apply to wet hair before blow drying for maximum volume and shine on even the finest hair. Work through curly hair for beautiful, bouncy curls without frizz.

What I think:  This volume foam adds a great amount of volume to hair without leaving a sticky residue.  Smells great, too!

Hairdo 23" Wavy Extension
Hairdo 23″ Wavy Extension

To achieve long locks, a pixie cut or a bob without ever making a commitment, try one of the following hair additions from HairUWear. Each style is made with a heat-styleable fiber that can be flat-ironed or curled at 350 degrees:

Hairdo by HairUWear 23 inch Wavy Extensions ($99: This multi-level one-piece clip-in extension creates east, fashionable style without the hassle of several individual wefts of hair. Short hair transforms into luxurious below the shoulder hair and long hair becomes thick and full.

What I think:  I have this extension in dark brown.  It matches my hair exactly.  And it gives length and curl.  Very nice quality!

Purchase at


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