FACE Stockholm Summer 2012

FACE Stockholm’s Summer 2012 is here!

With the exception of Christmas, Midsummer is the most important holiday of the year in Sweden — and understandably so!

When winter finally fades and summer explodes with life in June, Swedes leave the hustle and bustle of urban life behind and escape to the countryside where they take the opportunity to rejoice and celebrate the light and warmth of the summer solstice.

When the maypole is raised, bedecked in greens and flowers of every color, anyone who partakes will tell you there is magic in the air.  As revelers dance in traditional garb and crowns of wildflowers, music, drink and the fresh tastes of the season — herring and potatoes and fresh strawberries are enjoyed in plenty.

And, as we all know, wherever there is magic, there is also love.

Traditionally, the young gather flowers to stow under their pillows at night in hopes of dreaming of their future spouse. It is truly a celebration of life — past, present and future.

The spirit of this celebration, the optimism and nostalgia of ritual and the halcyon glow of summer, have inspired FACE Stockholm’s look for Summer 2012.

Just as the flowers bloom in the warmth of the sun, this look is naturally radiant — as if kissed by the season itself. She is flushed with color and beaming with the enthusiasm of summer’s romance.

The products used to create the soft, summery face above are:

This is a fun and easy look to achieve and it would be perfect for every day.  I really love the shock of a darkish-green nails with such a pretty look.

Visit www.facestockhom.com

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