Mally Ultimate Performance Brightening 2-in-1 Eye Shadow

Mally Ultimate Performance Brightening 2-in-1  Eye Shadow ($26 USD)

What is it: A 2-in-1 eye shadow, with water built right into the formula, designed to be incredibly hydrating and long lasting. It creates gorgeous luminosity on the lid and can be built for more intensity and blended together seamlessly. The rollerball end contains a soft highlighter that has many great uses. It can also be worn on top of cream shadow for that extra glow.

Who is it for: Women who want a beautiful, bulletproof eye shadow that doesn’t crease, fade, or smudge.

Why is it different: This two-step eye shadow system allows you to create a beautiful eye look. How do I use it: First, take the cream shadow and apply it all over the lid, from lash line to crease and blend gently with your finger. Or, you can run it along the upper lash line for a great pop of brightening color. The beautiful formula is going to lay smoothly on the eye, hovering over any fine lines and wrinkles. It blends seamlessly to create a fabulous wash of color. Now, take the Highlighter and just pop it right into the inner corners of the eyes to instantly make you look awakened and refreshed. You can also take a little and apply it right in the center of each eyelid to make your eyes look wider..


  • 0.1-fl oz cream shadow
  • 0.02-oz highlighter

What I think:  This product comes in 3 shades for the cream shadow — bronze, lilac and mint cream.  I have the lilac and bronze.  I like the lilac color the best, but it doesn’t have much staying power.  It starts off as a bright shimmery lilac, and fades to a softer matte color in a couple of hours.  Still, it’s pretty.  The bronze does last longer, but it is a bit dark for me.

The highlighting powder is pretty, but very sparkly.  It works well at the inner corners of the eye.

I say this may be a good product for you if you like sparkly, shimmery shadows and can reapply if needed.


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