The Adorable Paul & Joe Spring 2011 Meow Collection

I have been wanting to try the cool cosmetics of the hot French clothing brand Paul & Joe’s for a while now.  They are known for their beautiful packaging as well as innovative cosmetics.  Their new collection of colorful and oh-so-cute beauty is sure to be the cat’s meow for the spring season. From flirty and fun color tones to kitty-cat inspired packaging, all of Paul & Joe’s new launches will have you looking as beautiful as the packaging itself.

The creamy cheek powder in Paul & Joe’s Blusher Stick ($28 USD)  collection glides onto skin smoothly to contour the face and cheeks for a flawless complexion. Feeling feline-like? draw three “whisker lines” onto the cheek and blend evenly with finger tips. Available in 3 shades:  Glamour Puss (a pearlescent beige), Minou (a subtle pink), and Catfight (a bold tangerine).

On trend for the season, each shade in Paul & Joe’s Face & Eye Color CS ($36 USD) collection is subtle yet playful to enhance natural beauty and add depth and character to the eye area. Each package includes a trio of contrasting textures – matte, pearlescent and shiny – for an effect that looks like it was applied by a makeup artist.  The shades are: Siamese, Please…(bronzes and beiges), Kittycat (matte nude and pearly pink), and Purr-fect (ivory and moss).

Paul & Joe’s Nail Enamels($14 USD) sure to be the cat’s meow! Available in a nude beige, an elegant pink and a flirty rose, these playful shades will have your paws ready for Spring! The shades are Tigress (a pearlescent nude), Kitten Claws (soft pink), and Manekineko (hot pink).

These fun cosmetics are now available at at and  Enjoy!



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