Treat Your Lips To Essential Products From Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen has some fab lip products that will help you get through the cold dry winter and keep your kisser looking and feeling soft!

Peptide Line Treatment ($9.95 USD): The problem – unsightly lines and wrinkles. The solution – an intensive line-correcting cream. The advanced formula works to plump lines and wrinkles from within, so lips look younger and smoother. The collagen-enhancing Multi-vitamin-Peptide Complex helps to correct lines on and around the mouth, while firming and hydrating skin.

VitaLip B ($4.95 USD): The problem – dry, chapped lips. The solution – an ultra-moisturizing lip treatment. Exclusively formulated for dull, dehydrated lips, this groundbreaking moisturizer contains vitamin nutrient complex B, known to boost moisture, as well as hyaluronic filling spheres that smooth away imperfections.

Lip Inflation ($6.95 USD): The problem – thin-looking lips. The solution – this lip-plumping formula, which makes lips sexy and fuller than ever.  The refreshingly tingly gloss contains a spicy burst of Peppermint and Cinnamon Extract that tingles immediately upon application and enhances lips’ natural color so they appear pinker and healthier.

Visit to learn more and you can purchase them at a mass market retailer near you.  Enjoy!

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