Hot Hair Trend — Braids!

It’s the hairstyle that is popping up on both the red carpet and city streets everywhere – braids. This season’s ultimate accessory is practical and pretty and can be styled in numerous ways, from a French braid to a fishtail and everything in between. You don’t have to spend a lot of time re-creating this chic trend, which has been seen on celebrities like Jessica Alba, Nicole Ritchie and Jessica Simpson. Now, you can add some boho appeal to your hair with a variety of options for braided extensions:

POP Clip-In Braid ($9: ULTA and No weaving knowledge necessary—the POP Clip-In Braid is attached to a small pressure-sensitive clip that can be added to your own hair as an accent, or to a hair piece or ponytail.

Hairdo 4-Braid Band Duo ($16: Say good-bye to bad hair days and hello to a brand new look with the help of these four-braid brands. Wear closely together for a smooth polished look, or separate them and go boho chic–either way, you’ll turn heads.

Dancing with the Stars Bellissima Braid Band ($10: This fishtail braided headband is easy to attach to any hairstyle to give you a fabulous hair accent in an instant.

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