Add Some Volume to Your Hair With Clip-In Extensions by POP and HairDo

Wonder how the dancers and  celebrities in Dancing with the Stars plus pop sensation Jessica Simpson get their great voluminous hair? Clip-in extensions! These allow easy changes in hair styles — you don’t have to commit to one style! So much fun!

Bango Tango by Dancing with the Stars ($22.00 USD) is a very blunt bang that allows you to achieve a prominent fringe without any cutting of your natural hair combined with Heat-Friendly synthetic fiber that can be styled using a flat iron or curling iron, up to 350 degrees. It also features 3 pressure sensitive clips; two that tuck into the front hairline and one to attach to the back of the piece.

What I think: Thinking about getting bangs? I was. Bango Tango is a great way to try a cute full fringe without committing to a hair cut. I found out that it is not the look for me, but my bang-less hair is still in tact!

I love the Bump Up the Volume by hairdo ($99.00 USD)! This is a one piece clip in volumizing extension made with heat-friendly synthetic hair. The overall length measures 21 inches from top to bottom and can be cut and styled to blend with hairstyle. Instantly create lift and volume at the crown where you need it most. Created by celebrity stylist Ken Paves and tested on Jessica Simpson herself, you can take your hair to new heights, without teasing and using hairspray. The half-circle base has 4 pressure sensitive clips which secures firmly in place without damaging your own hair. There are also flexible wires built-in to the base which allow you to push up for extra height.  Available in 11 salon inspired colors.

What I think: This is so easy to use! I love how easy it is to apply and that you can adjust the size of the bump that you want by pushing up the bottom of the piece and clipping it in. It looks really cool in a ponytail — my hair is thin and it gives me extra thickness. You can also curl it or wave it and wear it loose.

Go! Go! Girl by Dancing with the Stars ($49.00 USD) is a 19″ V-Shaped 1 piece clip-in extension that offers incredible volume and layers, yet has a compact, comfortable fit combined with Heat-Friendly synthetic fiber that can be styled using a flat iron or curling iron, up to 350 degrees. It features 6 pressure sensitive clips for easy, secure attachment.

What I think: It looks extremely natural under a layer of your hair —  smooth your hair over it and the layers look like they are yours! The only downfall is that it is a bit heavy.

Visit and to purchase these amazing hair pieces.

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