New V05 Perfect Hold Styling Products

New V05 Perfect Hold Styling Products

With gas prices rising, I am on the lookout for affordable beauty products. If you want hair styling products that work well and are extremely affordable, try V05 Perfect Hold Styling Line.  This line consists of 4 different products are formulated with a unique polymer blend that assures long-lasting, all-day hold and a lightweight feel.  The products in the line are:Perfect Hold Aerosol Hairspray — This lightweight aerosol hairspray is formulated with a select blend of polymers to provide strong hold while still leaving hair feeling healthy.

Perfect Hold Non-Aerosol Hairspray — This non-aerosol hair spray has a multi-polymer system known for benchmark levels of humidity resistance, providing strong hold while leaving hair feeling soft.

Perfect Hold  Styling Mousse — This mousse prevents frizz and holds curl in place with it’s unique multi-polymer system, while giving hair the bounce and shine it deserves.

Perfect Hold Styling Gel — This gel is formulated from a base designed for simplicity to provide great styling hold without stiffness, even in humidity.

These product each retail for $2.00 USD — which is phenomenal for the quality you get. The non-aerosol hairspray is my favorite because it imparts a shine and leaves my hair soft. The gel also gibes great shine and the mousse is perfect for curly girls. Plus, the scent is very nice — my teenage daughter took the aerosol hairspray and uses it over expensive hairsprays that she owns because of the great scent!

These products are available at drugstores and mass-market retailers near you. Enjoy the savings!

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