Pur Minerals Exotic Oasis Spring 2011 Collection

Pur Minerals Spring 2011 Exotic Oasis collection consists of tropical glowing colors that will guarantee to get your beauty routine out of the winter doldrums! The colors in both of the product I’ve tried are warm and shimmery — and really brighten dull skin. They are:

Triple the depth, drama and dimension with the adventure-ready Exotic Rocks Trio ($28.00 USD, $52.00 value), featuring two new additions to the Pür Rocks family. Give skin a rosy radiance with the popular Hot Rocks (shimmery pink shades), turn up the heat with Lava Rocks (rosy red) and touch the sun with Glow Rocks (beautiful bronze shades). Use alone or combine the multidimensional shades for an endless array of gorgeous looks for eyes, lips and cheeks.

Exotic Rocks Trio includes:

  • Lava Rocks
  • Hot Rocks
  • Glow Rocks

What I think: I have wanted to try the Hot Rocks because they looked like they would brighten the complexion with the shimmering pink combination of colors. I was so exited to hear about the addition of Lava Rocks and Glow Rocks. I love to use the Glow Rocks first like a bronzer — everywhere the sun would naturally touch my face, forehead, nose, chin and cheeks. In the day time I then sweep Hot Rocks on the apples of my cheeks and add Lava Rocks in the evening. The colors can be mixed to find the perfect flush of color for any complexion.   

Make every day extraordinary with a brilliant mosaic of exotic eye shades and the undisputable glow of a sun-soaked getaway. Featuring a dazzling palette of tropical pastels and deep-sea corals, Nature’s Paradise ($28.00 USD, $132.00 value) captures the bold spirit of a season filled with excitement and mystery. Break away this spring with a stylishly intrepid look and claim your own piece of paradise.

Nature’s Paradise includes:

  • Six island-inspired eye shadows
  • Tropic Bronze sun-soaked powder
  • Polynesian Pink mineral blush
  • Mini Powder Brush

What I think: They pretty palette will effortlessly take you from Spring to Summer. Use the pink blush and the soft pink and gold shadows for Spring and turn up the heat with the bronzer, and bronze and turquoise eye shadows for Summer. So pretty and complimentary on all skin tones.

Learn more and purchase at www.purminerals.com. Enjoy your bright new looks!

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