FACE Stockholm Spring 2011 Bohemian Rhapsody Collection

FACE Stockholm Spring 2011 Bohemian Rhapsody


Spring 2011 breezes in with a Bohemian twist on a classical theme, inspired by the paintings of the Pre-Raphaelites.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Roz Lip Pencil ($17.00 USD) — Medium Rose Pink
Romance Lipstick ($22.00 USD) — Shimmery Rose
Lipgloss 1 ($19.00 USD) — Clear
Rio Creme Blush ($25.00 USD) — Sheer Fuchsia
Black Eye Pencil ($17.00 USD) — Darkest Black
Sophisticated Matte Shadow ($20.00 USD) — Matte Ivory
#26 Pearl Shadow ($19.00 USD) — Medium Pearly Charcoal
Sensitive Eye Dust ($22.00 USD) — Pinky Beige Shimmer
#28 Nail Polish ($12.00 USD) — Iridescent light pink

This is such a bright, pretty look, especially the lipstick and blush — they really wake up tired winter skin! I also love the shimmer on the eyes and nails. I am so happy to see such pretty spring colors after the long cold winter!

You can purchase these gorgeous colors at www.facestockholm.com. Enjoy the look of early spring!

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