Pureology ColorStylist Line

Pureology ColorStylist Line

Pureology Serious Colour Care, the haircare brand synonymous with indulgent products for colour-treated hair, introduces ColourStylist – a new styling line to address all finishing needs from priming the hair to creating volume to perfecting blowouts all while promising radiant style and colour, guaranteed!  ColourStylist is the first caring styling range that strengthens while it styles for flawless, lasting colour brilliance.

“The number one need for colour-treated hair is split-end protection and correction as haircolour decreases the natural lipid content of the hair.  The new ColourStylist products contain a new, revolutionary StrengtheningAntiFadeComplex®, enhanced with Keravis protein, to provide the first anti-breakage styling for colour-treated hair,” states Steven Henley, Senior Director of Education for Pureology.  “ColourStylist includes attributes from our award-winning haircare systems, ensuring added colour protection and now, strengthening benefits from start to finish.”
The six new luxurious formulas are infused with unique reflective lipid extracts that deliver maximum radiance and free radical damage protection: Olive replenishes and repairs to provides reflective depth & brilliance, Camelina forms a humidity-resistant barrier to enhance colour radiance and Coriander creates mirror surface shine for intense luster.
The complete ColourStylist line includes the following styling products:

ColourStylist FortifyingHeatSpray ($22.00 USD)
ColourStylist SilkBodifier ($24.00 USD)
ColourStylist AntiSplitBlowDry ($28.00 USD)
ColourStylist NourishingNectar ($26.00 USD)
ColourStylist CuticlePolisher ($26.00 USD)
ColourStylist StrengtheningControl ($24.00 USD)
“My clients see the full benefits of colour protection when they use Pureology as a complete system,” explains Ruth Roche, owner of RARE by Ruth Roche/Pureology Salon in New York City.  “ColourStylist will protect your colour investment and allow haircolour’s radiance to shine through.”
Pureology offers a complete collection of haircare and styling products that enhance and protect colour vibrancy while ensuring improved condition and healthy shine.  From concentrated ZeroSulfate® Shampoos to our conditioners, masques and stylers, each and every product contains the exclusive AntiFadeComplex® to maximize colour retention from start to finish and deliver our promise of Longer Lasting Hair Colour GUARANTEED!®  For more information visit Pureology.com, Become a Pureology Facebook Fan or follow us on twitter @PureologyTweet.  Please note, Pureology products can only be guaranteed authentic when purchased from a salon.  We request that you do not credit drugstores, “beauty websites” or other unauthorized retailers.

What I think: I love Pureology’s Shampoos and Conditioners, so I was excited to try this product line — and it didn’t disappoint! I especially love the cuticle polisher, which comes out as a cream, but you rub it in your hands and it becomes a serum. I use it on damp hair and even put a little in dry hair for extra shine. The FortifyingHeatSpray is perfect when you use straighteners, curling irons or the awesome Instyler. The AntiSplitBlowDry is perfect to apply before blow drying and the StrengtheningControl Hairspray really holds and is not sticky at all. You can even brush your hair afterwards!

Visit  www.pureology.com for more info on these fantastic hair styling product.

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