Ed Hardy Launches NEW Hair Clips, Headbands & Styling Mirrors

IGP Beauty, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of the Ed Hardy Vintage Collage Hair Accessories & Mirrors Collection featuring an array of clips, headbands, and hand held mirrors. This line allows the true Ed Hardy fan to unleash their imagination and take hairstyling to the next level by incorporating this line’s hot pink motif mixed with an array of bright, action packed images into your daily beauty routine.
Incorporating a bold infusion of the most popular artwork from Ed Hardy’s world famous clothing line, these accessories feature a collage of fashion forward colors and designs ideal for the trendsetter at heart. Pair these accessories with your favorite Ed Hardy Blow Dryer, Flat Iron, and Brush sets to fuse even more flair to your hair.

What I think: I love the hair clips and headbands. They are so original and very pretty, with the Ed Hardy prints. My favorite product from the line is the mirror with the Koi/Love Kills print. It is a nice size to keep on a dresser and is perfect for makeup application.

To purchase visit beauty supply stores such as www.ulta.com,   www.beautybrands.com and  www.folica.com. You can learn more at www.igpbeauty.com

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