Perfect Your Pout with the LipStamp by Alcone

Alcone LipStamp

Looking for a way to achieve the perfect lip look for the holidays? Try Alcone’s LipStamp Kit for Lips ($24.95).

This extremely unique product looks like a kids toy, but it certainly is not! To use, choose one of the 10 stamps that are included in the kit and stick it to the stamp base. Then apply your favorite lipstick on the stamp, don’t be shy. I found that a full color, opaque lipstick works better than sheer. I love using my Lorac Breakthrough Performance Lipstick with it. One the stamp is saturated with lipstick, line the stamp up with your lips and press on! If you go out of the lines unintentionally, just blot!

The different stamps can give you different looks and work with various lip sizes. I’m sure you will find one perfect for you.

Visit to learn more and to purchase this product and other great beauty tools and products. Have fun with it — beauty is about fun!

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