Everyday Minerals Fall Collection

Everyday Minerals has release new color makeup that matches the color trends seen at Fall 2009 Fashion Week. The colors are crisp and pretty, just like a lovely fall day. 

I love the Everyday Palettes ($10.00), portable eyeshadow palettes that contains 4 loose mineral shadows and a tiny bamboo brush that is used to dip into the sifter holes that contain the shadows. Two new collections are:  

Lavender Collection (light lavenders to deep purples) – complete with Ballet Slippers, Love Letters, Romance Novel, and Wine Tasting Eye Shadows
Jane Austen Collection (peaches, browns and greens) – complete with Dreaming Dandy, Anna Karenina, Southern Belle, Jane Eyre. 

The Blush, ($8.00) is very pigmented and a little goes a long way. The large amount of product that you get for the price is amazing. New colors for fall are:

Time Share — Soft muted earthy pink matte shade, to love and to kiss!
New Mom — A deep, reddish matte pink with earthy undertones.
Sand Cherry –A gorgeous deep peach with cherry undertones and tons of sparkle! 

The fall collection also includes lip glosses, lip balms and single eye shadows. You can purchase these products at www.EverydayMinerals.com.

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