Simply Shari’s Wheat Free and Gluten Free Snacks and Dinners

Simply Shari’s, an amazing gluten-free line of Cookies, Brownies, Pasta, Pizza and Sauces! Shari Cole founded Simply Shari’s in 2005 with her father to provide wheat free, gluten-free and GMO free food products that are well-balanced, nutritional, and delicious.

Fudge Brownies ($4.29 USD) Nothing is better than a moist and fudgy bite full of chocolate! These morsels are made of intense chocolaty heaven made with gluten-free flour and amazing top-quality chocolate. Our gluten-free Fudge Brownies are certain to satisfy your brownie cravings!

Lemon Shortbread ($4.29 USD) The satisfying texture of shortbread combines with a unique “lemony” flavor to satisfy your craving for a delicious gluten-free cookie. These wonderful treats are great with ice cream, or afternoon tea.

Quinoa + Marinara  ($3.49 USD) Italian-style food is always a favorite with kids and adults alike. Gluten Free Quinoa and Marinara is no exception! Quinoa is a super food known for thousands of years by ancient civilizations for its high protein content and easy digestibility and it is Gluten Free! Pour our easy-to-use marinara packet into water, bring to a boil and serve over hot gluten-free Quinoa noodles. Fabulous! Add gluten-free sausage, chicken, vegetables—create your own delicacy!

What I think:  My favorite of the three that I tried are the Lemon Shortbread cookies.  They are sweet and tart and make a nice snack with coffee or tea.  The brownies were a bit dry but fudgie.  I loved the quinoa noodles because they are a smart idea and more accessible than regular quinoa.  The sauce wasn’t my favorite, but you can pair the noodles with whatever sauce you like.

All-in-all these are great treats for people who need to follow a gluten-free diet. Enjoy!

Simply Shari’sis available at, Kroger, Giant, Garden of Eden, and Ralphs, among others

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