Holiday Gift Guide — Cool Gifts For The Hard To Buy For Part 2!

There is still time to purchase some cool gifts for the people you love!  Below is a mix of items — a personal card gift, stylish readers and a beauty parody book:


10-card AwesomeBox for $19 (Save 25% with coupon code: HOLIDAYGIFT)– What’s included:

  • New, beautifully designed box.
  • Add pictures from Instagram, Facebook, your phone or computer.
  • Sequence your cards to tell a compelling story.
  • Add music to your card to co-create a custom playlist.

We all want to give the most meaningful gift possible, but sometimes it can be a challenge coming up with something both fresh and heart-warming. AwesomeBox is the ultimate solution to creative gift giving!

AwesomeBox allows users to build a customized box of memories, stories and photos packaged into a one-of-a-kind printed gift. Group gifts with family or friends is easy with AwesomeBox! In fact, our favorite part about the AwesomeBox experience is how easy it is to get everyone involved in the gift giving process. I love AwesomeBox for celebrating someone special for Christmas.

It’s so simple to create, and the memories last a lifetime. In three simple steps, you’ll have the perfect gift:

  1. Create private online webpage to honor your special someone.
  2. Invite friends and family to upload photos and heartfelt messages from around the world.
  3. AwesomeBox turns everything into a box of 10 to 100 colorful printed cards that they’ll pore over for years!

Create the most touching group gift that will be laughed and cried over for years! AwesomeBox is the perfect gift starting at $19 for a 10-card box.

The Lennon from
The Lennon from

The Lennon from ($15.95 USD) —  Inspired by the late, great Beatles musician who made round glasses a pop culture phenomenon, our Lennon reader is fittingly a best seller too! This full framed style has a lightweight plastic frame with a retro inspired, round shape. Available in a variety of solid or two-tone fade colors to please everyone from the musician to the teacher.

Available at

Glop: Nontoxic, Expensive Ideas that Will Make You Look Ridiculous and Feel Pretentious
Glop: Nontoxic, Expensive Ideas that Will Make You Look Ridiculous and Feel Pretentious

Glop: Nontoxic, Expensive Ideas that Will Make You Look Ridiculous and Feel Pretentious by Gabrielle Moss ($19.99 USD) — A wickedly funny, full-color, illustrated sendup of the trendy lifestyle publication GOOP.

What is Glop?

Glop is a business and a website. But Glop is also a feeling. It’s about picking the right expensive organic eye cream that will make you a tall, thin, wealthy blonde WASP who fits seamlessly into the top tiers of high society and sits next to Bono at a 42-course seitan tasting dinner held in a sex dungeon deep beneath the North Pole. Glop is about being conscious to the tiny details of our lives—what to eat, where to buy your cashmere yoga pants, which juice cleanse will remove the most mercury toxins from both your body and your cashmere yoga pants. Glop is about you.

Purchase this funny book at


Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Personalized Gifts

You know I love giving beauty gifts, but sometimes it’s fun to give something different.  Personalized gifts let the recipient know that you are thinking about them so much you made something just for them!

Below are three great ideas to make online and have printed and sent to you. is a really cool website that makes custom products easy for anyone to create.

I received codes to create gifts for my honest review.  I have made two projects so far and really enjoyed creating them.

Above are the two projects I have completed.  The first one is a 50×60 fleece blanket.  I placed photos of my family and pets on it.  The photos ended up arranged differently than I wanted,  but that was probably user error.  It’s very cool up close!  The project on the right is a photo album.  It is so pretty, the photos look amazing in it!

I highly recommend this site.  Plus, when you visit it, you get a coupon for 60% off of your first purchase.  If you buy something, you also get great coupons by email.

Keep Calm and Color On
Keep Calm and Color On

Put Me In The Story, the #1 personalized books site in the U.S., now carries the first-ever personalized adult coloring book – Keep Calm and Color On by Illustrator Katie Martin. 

Color your stress away in this personalized coloring book where beautiful coloring pages are peppered with inspiring quotes to calm your mind and lift your spirits.  

A great personalized gift for the holidays, each copy of Keep Calm and Color On is personalized with your name on the front and back cover, a special dedication page, and a coloring page where your name is a part of the illustration. Keep Calm and Color On is the only adult coloring book that features YOU!

I received a free code to create this and it was so easy.  I just had to put in the name I wanted to use and then a dedication.  I received it and it’s really nice.  My recipient will enjoy coloring it!


AwesomeBox is a fun new twist on group gift-giving that will surprise, delight and warm the heart of someone special. AwesomeBox captures those moments that no one can buy — the best memories, stories and photos packaged in a one-of-a-kind printed gift that everyone creates together.

Invite friends, colleagues and family to share unique memories of your someone special — photos, inside jokes, poems or moments — that when put together, paint wonderful stories. They can upload tributes, memories, messages and photos, and AwesomeBox turns those into beautifully printed cards that weave a personalized tale of your memory, vividly showing the recipient just how special they are.

It’s easy to start and takes just minutes to make! Friends and family upload messages and photos — even from Facebook — AwesomeBox then transforms those favorite moments into colorful double-sided cards that are then stacked in a stylish box and shipped to the AwesomeBox recipient.

I haven’t seen one of these in person, but I think it’s a very original idea. I don’t think it would take too long to make and the person receiving it would love it forever!

Purchase at