Lindsay Phillips Switchflops Ballet Flats

Lindsay Phillips, the creator of switchflops (see my review, ), has recently introduced a new shoe for you to customize — a leather ballet flat. These have snap on adornments, like bead and crystal flowers, that can be changed according to your mood.

The flat itself is made of very soft leather and the inside is padded. It is so soft and comfortable! The shoe with one flower snap sells for $64.00. The website shows two colors available for sale — black and gold. The also may be available in bronze and silver.

The snaps come in different shapes and colors and sell for $12.00 each. They are available in many different varieties.

I really love my Snap Shoes, but visit to check them out for yourself. You can even virtually try the different snaps on the shoes to see what they look like. Have fun!

This Sandal Season, Try Switchflops!

SwitchFlops are very cools sandals created by Lindsay Phillips. With one basic pair, you can make different looks with the interchangeable straps.

There are three styles of SwitchFlops, with one set of straps included with each. They are:

Lulu ($35.00 USD) – This is the basic flat sandal. It comes in black, brown, tan, white, navy blue print and pink print.

Taylor ($39.00 USD) – With a 1 and a half  inch wedge, the Taylor comes in black, brown and white print.     

Lilly ($49.00 USD) – This sandal has a 2-inch kitten heel. The color choices are black and cork.

The straps sell separately for $12.00 a pair and come in a range of collections such as animal prints, florals and stripes.

I have the Taylor wedge in black and three different pairs of straps. They are VERY comfortable and really cute. The interchangeable straps change my look and it seems as if I am wearing a different sandal every day.

I think these are a great idea and a versatile choice for the summer. Visit the website at and browse the sandals and large selection of straps. Have fun!