VineOh! Wine Subscription Box Review: Oh! For Me! Fall Box

I received my very first Vine Oh! subscription box!  I was so excited to try this.  It consists of two bottles of wine and fun and pampering products.

Vine Oh! is $59.99 for a $120+ Value.  It is delivered 4x per year and includes free shipping.  Right now you can get $20 off your first box (like I did) with the code WineForMe.

It comes in one big box, but the surprises are in a smaller box on the top and the wine is packaged well on the bottom.

The box with the goodies!

Here’s what’s included, plus two bottles of wine!  Here’s the wine I got:

2016 New Crush California Pinot Grigio ($18.99 USD) — New Crush Pinot Grigio is an aromatic and complex wine that presents aromas of white peaches and white flowers, sea spray and oyster shell. The fresh and light flavors rang from casaba melon to citrus zest with a hint of Creme Fraiche in the finish. Perfect wine for all white wine enthusiasts.
2014 Speechless Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon  ($24.99 USD) Speechless Cabernet Sauvignon is a fantastic cabernet from the Lodi region in California. With aromas of toasted oak, jam, and tea leaves, this wine has rich dark fruit flavors with firm tannins. Great wine to enjoy on a quiet night; a night when being speechless is not only a nice treat, but a well-earned reward.
I have not tried the Pinot Grigio yet, but I can say that the Cabernet Sauvignon is very tasty!  It does have a deep, fruity flavor.  I don’t know much about wines, but reds are my favorite and I really enjoyed this one!
Now on to the box of goodies.  This was a big reason I got the box, because it included both wine and other treats:

Wei Mung Bean Sprout Stress-Relieving Smoothing Mask – $12 USD

Wei Millet Sprout Instant Smoothing Nourishing Mask – $12 USD

I have tried the Millet Sprout mask already and loved it.  These come with tongs to get the masks out of the serum.  The masks come in a tube.  Once you use the mask, you are left with lots of serum in the tube.  I have been using that on my face, neck and hands and love how smooth my skin looks!  I will try the Mung Bean Sprout mask soon.

Fizz and Bubble Milkshake Bath Bombs – $15 USD (Listed on card as $14)

These 12 bath bombs come packaged in a plastic drink cup with a straw inside and a loofah too!  It’s so cute and the Lavender Fields scent is very nice.  My daughter loves bath bombs, but I’ve already tried them out so she can have the rest if she wants!

This cute little tray is great for jewelry, lip balms etc.  It’s very sweet and will make a nice gift, if I decide not to keep it.
This is a really sturdy canvas bag with a fun saying on it.  I will use this to take packages to the post office.
Metropolis Gourmet Popcorn, 3.5 oz – $6 USD (Listed $5)
Well, these are gone! They were eaten by the second day I had them.  They were so tasty and sweet, but not too much so. This was a really nice treat!

Capabunga –  $5 USD

One of these little toppers comes in every VineOh! box.  They are so cool and handy! You slide them onto the top of the wine bottle and they can even be stored on their side in the fridge or counter without fear of leakage.

What do you think of this fun subscription box?  I think it’s really fun and I’m looking forward to the Winter box!


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