Order Gorgeous Personalized Christmas Cards at The Stationery Studio!


Who is that gorgeous family in that cute card you ask?  Well, it’s mine (minus my eldest daughter who has moved away)!  We took the photo on our trip to Ireland this summer.  And I am excited to showcase it in my gorgeous The Stationery Studio Christmas card. You can create a card in this style here.

These are so easy to create and order!  And they came super fast.  Right now, The Stationery Studio has a bunch of Black Friday deals, including up to 30% off of holiday cards plus free shipping!  And if you don’t have a photo to use, don’t worry.  There are lots of cute designs, too.

They also sell stationery, address labels and stamps, napkins, etc.  Check them out at www.thestationerystudio.com

I received the Christmas cards in exchange for my honest review.


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