Try A Fresh Recipe This Spring With New Cookbooks

In a cooking rut? Cookbooks are so much fun to look through and find new recipes. I am always looking for new recipes to make for the family.

Robert Rose publishers have released great new cookbooks for the Spring.  Below are my three favorites:

200 Best Sheet Pan Meals
200 Best Sheet Pan Meals

200 Best Sheet Pan Meals by Camilla Saulsbury ($24.95 USD) —

We’re all looking for ways to make meals more convenient, and while one-pot meals are wonderful, sheet pan meals are the newest option. They allow you to cook several individual components of your meal all at once, and cleanup is an absolute breeze.

If you have a sheet pan and an oven, you’re on your way to creating an abundance of satisfying meals — not to mention desserts. The sweets you can create with a simple sheet pan are utterly sumptuous, from Chewy Coconut Trail Mix Bars to Sour Cream Vanilla Pound Cake.

200 Best Smoothie Bowl Recipes
200 Best Smoothie Bowl Recipes

200 Best Smoothie Bowl Recipes by Alison Lewis ($24.95 USD) — Smoothie bowls are hugely popular for good reason — they’re a perfect way to add fresh fruits, superfoods and protein to your diet. Adding a smoothie bowl to your morning routine guarantees a great start to your day, and they’re not just for breakfast — they can be enjoyed anytime you need a refreshing, filling and healthy meal or a satisfying dessert.

Whether your smoothie bowl is packed with fruit, leafy greens or nuts, or has a base of coffee or tea, you’ll be sure to find a recipe perfectly suited for you in this collection of 200 refreshing choices. Each recipe features suggested topping options for added color, texture and crunch, taking your meal to a whole new level.

Here’s just a small sample of Alison’s sumptuous smoothie bowl recipes:
• Frosty French Toast
• Kiwi Kale Bowl
• Pumpkin Ginger Bowl
• Antioxidant Smoothie Bowl

These thick, creamy and delicious smoothie bowls will undoubtedly become a welcome addition to your daily routine.

Juice Guru Transform Your Life with One Juice a Day
Juice Guru Transform Your Life with One Juice a Day

Juice Guru Transform Your Life with One Juice a Day by Steve & Julie Prussack ($24.95 USD) — Just one well-timed fresh juice a day can and will change your life. A daily juice provides boundless energy, youthful vibrancy, a slimmer figure, sharper focus and improved health, and prompts a desire to make healthier food choices in general. Juicing isn’t difficult — anyone can do it — and the results are almost immediate.

This book demystifies juicing and will help you incorporate this regimen into your daily lifestyle. In addition to the 21-day plan that will get you going on your path to lifelong health and wellness, 100 flavorful fruit and vegetable juices are featured, all bursting with nutrients that will give you the energy to get through your day, whether at home, at work or at play.

What I think:  All three of these books have healthy and delicious recipes for Spring.  I love the sheet pan book.  It’s great for quick meals for the family.  The smoothie bowls are very ingenious — nutritious and so yummy!  Plus I have been wanting to try juicing and now have the perfect book to start with!

Learn more at  Can also be purchased at

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