Tea Time! Davidson’s Organic Tea Review

I was lucky to review samples of Davidson’s Organic Tea for my honest review.  After heavy holiday coffees and hot chocolate, a nice cup of tea is a healthy and delicious alternative beverage!

I tried the following teas:


Autumn Fruit & Flowers (Loose Leaf) ($9.67 sampler bag, 40-60 cups) — A festive caffeine-free blend of harvest fruits and flowers with autumn fruit and spice flavors, representing citrus peels, cranberries, apples, cinnamon, cloves and rosehips. Ingredients (* organic): Cranberries*, cinnamon*, apples*, rosehips*, cloves*, lemon peel*, orange peel*, natural flavor & calendula flowers*.

Sun, Moon and Stars (Loose Leaf) ($7.44 for a sampler bag 40-60 cups) — A delightful blend of jasmine, oolong and gunpowder green teas. Ingredients (* organic): Oolong*, green tea* & jasmine tea*.

Mango Peach Ice ($6.49 USD) — Mango Peach Ice blends robust organic black tea from South India with a wonderful essence of mango and peach. Contains a total of 8 one-quart brew bags. Each quart-size bag brews appx. 4 cups of iced tea, for a total of 2 gallons.

Spiced Pear Black Tea ($2.95 for 8) — Spiced Pear combines sweet organic cinnamon and pungent cloves with the heady essence of fresh pears. Almost dessert-like in character, this tea is rounded and flavorful, delicious hot or iced. Robust organic black tea perfectly complements the fragrant, subtle flavors of pears and penetrating spices.  Ingredients (* organic): Black tea*, cinnamon*, carob*, natural flavor and cloves*.

What I think:  I enjoyed all of these teas.  My favorite is the Mango Peach Ice Tea.  It is so refreshing!  I can see myself drinking this during the day.  I usually don’t drink soda often, and water gets a little boring.  This is tasty and a lot healthier than soda!

The spiced pear is great for cold days.  You can really taste the cloves.  The Sun, Moon and Stars is a nice change from plain green tea.  It’s very smooth.

I thought I’d like the Autumn Fruit & Flowers more than I did.  It doesn’t seem like tea to me.  It is rehydrated fruit and flowers, which is very different.  I will try it a few more times to see what I think.

All in all, I really recommend Davidson’s Organic Teas.  They are so good and there are many varieties.  Visit http://www.davidsonstea.com and check them out!

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