Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Give The Gift Of Light With Fun Lamps!

Looking for a fun, but different gift for a picky someone?  Try a cool lamp! I love giving lamps as gifts because a funky lamp is so much fun to receive.

Below are three lamps I am loving right now.  The first two I was sent for my honest review.  The last one is one my daughter has and is the perfect night light for kids of all ages:

Lava Lamp 50th Anniversary
Lava Lamp 50th Anniversary

Lava Lamp 50th Anniversary Lamp — In 2015, the ubiquitous 1960’s pop culture icon celebrates its 50th Anniversary! This year marks a half-century of Lava Lamps in the United States, which has been featured in countless TV shows, movies, magazines and more. In honor of its golden anniversary, the ever-popular “original shape of cool” has created a limited edition 50th collection for its fans!

The limited edition 50th Anniversary Collection includes four lamp sizes: 14.5” ($19.99), 17” ($29.99), 16.3” ($39.99), and 27” Grande ($119.99). The lamps have premium features included: gold painted base & cap, embossed 50th anniversary logo on the base, certificate of authenticity, and either an easy-access switch on the base or a dimmer switch, depending on the size of the lamp.

I think this is such a cool lamp!  The colors are really fun and will brighten up any décor.  This is great for people of all ages, but teens and young adults will love it!


SolarPuff Lamp
SolarPuff Lamp

We would like to introduce you to the humble SolarPuff ($30 USD) light – a simple, origami-style solar powered lantern.  A perfect sustainable edition to your Holiday Gift Guide — suitable as a family/household gift, children’s gift or environmentally friendly gift lists.

It was developed to assist in disaster relief around the world and donated to areas in Haiti and Nepal still without power to bring light to survivors. On Friday, September 25, the opening ceremony of the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit (Sept. 25-27) featured 200 children carrying a U.N. branded SolarPuff, a symbol of saving the planet for future generations.

The U.N. chose SolarPuff over other solar light products because it is completely solar powered, sustainable and eco-friendly, made with recyclable materials. It was designed specifically for Disaster Relief as a light weight, flat-pack, sustainable and hygienic lighting solution. It’s very light for easy and affordable shipping.

This came flat.  You open it and charge it in the sun for 8 hours and the light lasts for 8-12 hours.  It is so light and is portable, so you can carry it anywhere.  I love the clean lines of it and think it’s fun for kids, too!

Available at or at MOMA


IKEA SMILA BLOMMA Wall Lamp ($14.99 USD) — Casts a soft light. Suitable for use with an energy-saving bulb, which produces very little heat.  My daughter has had this lamp in her room for almost a year and uses it every night.  It is so cute!  And the wall lamps come in different shapes and colors like a blue star, yellow moon and red heart.

Available at IKEA stores.  Learn more at

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