Combat Pain On The Go With UrgentRx

URX Sell Sheet.5.2013.v4

Do you live a busy, stressed life?  I do!  I was sent some samples of UrgentRX medications powders for my honest review.  They combat your pain symptoms without needing water and come in thin single serving packets, so they are super easy to use.

The description:

UrgentRx ® Fast Powders ™ Credit card-sized packets of fast-acting medication. No Water. No Waiting. Just Right-Now Relief. Just rip open the credit card sized package, pour the flavored powder medications directly in your mouth and stand by for record time relief.  No matter your symptom (headache, heartburn, allergy attacks, pain & aches and upset stomachs), we are here!

What I think:  I tried the headache, heart burn and ache & pain medications. They tasted okay for medicine. They left an aftertaste so I had to use water to get the taste out of my mouth.  But they worked fairly fast, maybe in 10-20 minutes I started feeling better.  I like that they are easy to carry in my purse and that they did work quickly!

Right now, you can get a 12 pack of each one on Amazon for $13.99.

Enjoy feeling better!

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