UNREAL Candy — A Healtier Option For Your Family

Candy is delicious, but not really good for you. Candy is delicious, but not really good for you. That’s why I was excited to try UNREAL candy, especially since myself and my family are trying to eat better.

This candy does not include corn syrup, the artificial ingredients, and the partially hydrogenated oils.  Not to mention less sugar.  They even add more cacao, real caramel (not corn syrup dyed to look like caramel), more peanuts, protein, and fiber. .

I received coupons from BzzAgent.com, to try the candy and spread the word.  I am glad I did!

The candy names are actually is numbers.  With my coupons, I have tried 77, the peanut butter cups, 41, the candy coated chocolates, 5, the chocolate caramel nougat bar, 8, the chocolate caramel peanut nougat bar.

I have noticed that the chocolate isn’t as sweet as the usual chocolate used in candy bars.  It is also a little bitter, but I enjoy that.  It reminds me of a very dark chocolate.

My favorites are the bars with nougat.  The caramel is amazing!  The coated chocolate candies are pretty good too.  The peanut butter cups are okay — but not my favorite any way.

My kids like them as well.  I like that they are better for them than the usual chocolate candy available.

I will purchase these again.  They will be perfect when I want to indulge — but not kill my diet!

I found these at CVS.  I heard they are now at Walgreens and will be at other mass market retailers soon.  Visit www.getunreal.com to learn more!


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