ECRU New York Silk Nourishing Spray

ECRU New York Silk Nourishing Spray

Has the crazy winter damaged your hair? Winter is almost over (I hope it is, it’s actually snowing in Kansas City today), so its time to tame your dry hair and get it ready for spring and summer!  

A good way to make your hair soft and shiny is with ECRU New York Silk Nourishing Spray ($24.00 USD). This is a very light leave-in conditioning mist that instantly detangles hair while providing hydration.  The spray contains aloe Vera, silk proteins and B5 to penetrate to restore moisture and repair split ends. UV inhibitors help prevent sun damage and thermal abuse.    

What I think: I really like this spray. I use it as an extra barrier against my heated styling tools. It really makes my hair soft and smooth. Plus my 14-year-old daughter loves using it too. She abuses her hair with a straight iron every day, and the Nourishing Spray is helping her hair get back in shape and it looks much healthier!    

Visit www.ecrunewyork to learn more about and to purchase the spray. Enjoy!     





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