Must Have Hair Product — Shu Uemura Art of Hair Essence Absolue

Shu Uemura Essence Absolue

In November 2009, Shu Uemura launched — and quickly sold out of — a new hair product, Essence Absolue. This product is already so popular because it is touted to restore even the dries of hair. 

So, what’s the  big deal? This golden essence is infused with Camellia Oil; a highly treasured and coveted, age-old ingredient used by Geishas to make hair soft and shiny. Essence Absolue also claims to moisturize and protect the hair fiber, provides intense nutrition, protects against the sun’s UV rays, and adds shine to the hair. 

The website states, “Conscious of the various causes and needs of dry hair, ESSENCE ABSOLUE has been carefully designed as a multi-use elixir, repairing dry hair on an individual basis in the following ways:
1- Intensely hydrating leave-in conditioner for very dry/damaged hair
2- Pre-shampoo treatment for deep, nourishing care
3- Protection during color application, adding shine, moisture and elasticity to processed lengths & ends
4- Use in summer time as protective oil against the sun’s harmful rays (UV filter)
5- Ultra-shine finisher along lengths and ends 

I have used this as a pre-shampoo treatment by adding a few drops to my wet hair before shampoo. I also use it as a leave in and a finisher to my dry ends. I have noticed that my hair is shinier, more manageable and has less flyaways in the dry air. I am looking forward to trying this in the humid Kansas City summer — I think it will make all the difference on my frizzy hair! 

Although this product is pricey, it does what it claims. My hair is soft and shiny and smells fantastic. I highly recommend Essence Absolue! 

Visit to learn more about this fab new product!

One thought on “Must Have Hair Product — Shu Uemura Art of Hair Essence Absolue”

  1. Thanks for the lovely message regarding the shu uemura. Just a question, is it SLS and Parabeen free?
    Kind Regards


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