SoleMates High Heeler

SoleMates High Heeler
SoleMates High Heeler

It’s cool gadget time! Tired of your heels sinking into grass or mud? Hate wearing stilettos on cobblestone? SoleMates High Heeler ($9.95) is the solution to this problem.

The High Heeler is flexible little cap that fits over your heel to protect it from soft surfaces and cracks and cobblestones. It increases the surface area on the base of the heel that protects it by reducing pressure.   It fits thin stilettos and kitten heels.

It is available in two shades — black and clear. I would recommend the black if your heels are black, because you can barely tell it’s there. The clear would only look good on lighter-colored shoes.

Visit to learn more and to purchase these little heel-savers!

4 thoughts on “SoleMates High Heeler”

  1. This was the worst product I used during my wedding. They did not fit my heels or any of my bridesmaids heels. They continually slid off, making it uncomfortable to walk on any surface. The company claimed that their product does not fit all heel sizes, but if the SoulMates did not fit any of our heels, it proves the product is worthless. So I ended up ruining my shoes on my wedding and they refused to send me a refund for the product. I would not buy these as they are a waste of money.

    1. Thanks for sharing Rachel. I’m sorry that they didn’t fit. They do seem to fit only very slim heels.

  2. hi FFF! I just ordered 50 pairs of SoleMates for my wedding! I ordered 2 pairs to test them – and the company assured me that they would give me a FULL REFUND if I didn’t like them! I am wearing Manolos and my 8 bridesmaids have a mix of 9 west and other brands – and they fit all of ours! we got extras for some of the other guests and we cant wait to share these with everyone! Having our heels protected with SoleMates gives me such peace of mind.

    I was so scared when I read this horrible review – but it’s just not true. The SoleMates customer service was awesome. They were responsive and so helpful. They even emailed me after I received my order to make sure that I was happy with the two that I ordered!

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