Paul Brown Hawaii Hair Products

Paul Brown Hawaii was created by master hairstylist Paul Brown. He uses natural ingredients, such as plant extracts, that he has discovered in his beloved Hawaii.

I really like these products. I think that the scent is fantastic and reminds me of my honeymoon in Hawaii.  I tried the following products:

The Hapuna Cleanse and Conditioning system — This lightly fragrant  shampoo and conditioner contain extracts from sea flowers and plants to produce beautiful, healthy hair with no buildup. The shampoo is light, but really cleans. The conditioner is also light, and I need more moisture from my conditioner. I have to either use a lot or use another conditioner afterwards to hydrate my dry hair. 

I really recommend Paul Brown Hawaii’s styling products. Both the Stay Straight Smoothing Balm and the  Stay Straight Molding Creme  help to keep my hair frizz free. I first apply the Creme, then dry my hair to just damp and add the balm. Both contain a blend of natural Hawaiian Protein Flora Complex (HPFC) and plant emollients, which penetrate hair shaft to restore hair to a healthier, frizz-free condition.

After my hair is completely dry, I apply the Shine Amplifier to boost my shine. It also contains sunscreen, which is a great touch for healthy hair.

I finish the look with the Dry Mist. This hair spray gives hair volume and hold without making hair stiff or sticky. You can even brush your hair after you apply it.

Visit the website at to locate a salon that carries these fabulous products. Your hair will be healthy and stylish!

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