Perfect Your Hairstyle with Oscar Blandi Products

Oscar Blandi creates quality hair care that are made for specific needs. With products such as the Crema Line for overstressed hair, glosses and masks, color conditioning shampoos and conditioners and the fun products I’m reviewing; Pronto Dry Shampoo and Onde Wave Enhancing Spray, you can surely find what you need to make your hair look great!  

Pronto Dry Shampoo($19.00 USD for 2.5 oz $11.00 USD for 1.0 oz travel size) : The Oscar Blandi website states, “Natural rice, oat, and tapioca starches cleanse hair by absorbing excess oil, product, and grease and increase hair volume at the roots without weighing hair down. Triclosan and tea tree oil help treat the scalp and reduce the occurrence of dandruff, while the invigorating lemon verbena fragrance leaves hair smelling and feeling fresh.” Dry shampoos are really hot right now, and this is one of the best I have tried. The applicator is a nozzle that makes it easy to place the product right on the roots. After I apply it to my roots I message it in, then run my fingers through my hair. I look good and smell clean with the lemony scent!  

Onde Wave Enhancing Spray($18.00 USD):  The website proclaims, “Onde is a wave enhancing spray that brings back natural movement and enhances the underlying body of hair. Enriched with wheat proteins to strengthen and fortify the hair, Onde helps retain recoil in wavy hair, and activates movement in any degree of wave.” My hair is fairly straight with a little wave to it. To bring it out, I spray my towell-dried hair with Onde, then twist my hair into little coils and bobby-pin them to my head. I then spray a little more Onde to the coils and used my blow dryer until almost dry. I then unpin and mess it up a bit with my fingers, till I have a head full of waves. Very fun!  

You may purchase these products and many others at and they are also available at Sephora,, Ulta, and

2 thoughts on “Perfect Your Hairstyle with Oscar Blandi Products

  1. Do you know of any all natural hair color that is peroxidefree,chemical free,to get rid of gray?? I have a paraben free.mineral cosmetic line that I would love to “pair up with one” for my clients. I have customers that are very conscious of parabens and toxic ingredients so any info would be

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