Hello to all Fellow Beauty Lovers!

Hi all! My name is Lorena and I have recently turned 40. Ugh, right? Not really. I have found the secret to eternal youth is a positive attitude, love (natch!) and really great beauty products. I try to always have all three with me; especially a really great lip gloss, fantastic mascara, and concealer for my under eye circles (I have 3 kids!).

The purpose of this blog is to share my love of all things beauty with others who also have this obsession. I will be reviewing the older products that I can’t live without as well as new, exciting products that catch my eye. Any feedback and reviews from readers will always be welcome.

Tomorrow I will be reviewing a Chanel mascara that I just received and maybe a few other fun products, (I’m planning a trip to Sephora in the morning)!

So until then, have sweet dreams and a beautiful morning!